Tax Audit Representation in Clifton

Audits are stressful, but Howard Komendant CPA PC is here to help. We take the stress out of the equation, providing diligent representation and expert client support. Whatever your situation, our tax resolution specialists will be there to protect you and defend your interests, ensuring the best chance that the audit ends in your favor.

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Get a Tax Professional You Can Trust with Howard Komendant CPA PC

No matter what kind of representation you get, trust will be crucial. Especially in the moment, it is important to have someone who has earned your confidence. In order to establish that trust, you need a professional with the requisite credentials and proven track record. With representation you can trust, you can leave any audit knowing everything possible was done to protect you.

Each of our audit specialists is a trained, experienced, and licensed professional. We know that without that level of expertise, you might be second-guessing decisions, creating the kind of conflict that will cause confusion and set things back. We’re here to make sure that never happens. We provide expert facilitation to see you through every stage of the auditing process. From start to finish, we’re here help.

Rest assured. With us at your side, you have a professional you can trust.

Solutions You Need with a Tax Consultation from Our Team

We provide in-depth, one-on-one consultations to assist clients under audit. As an accounting agency, we take the time to examine the precise details of your case. Combing through it, we can help you discover where possible liabilities may exist and how best to redress them. In the process, we give you the advice and guidance you need to get through this trying time. That personalized, customer-first approach has helped our existing clients achieve success—and we’re confident it can do the same for you.

Our initial consultations come with no obligation to hire us. You can get the guidance you need, no strings attached.

Protect Yourself with Our Expert Tax Accountants

When representing a client, our team has one objective: To maximize their protection.

We follow a meticulous preparation process to accomplish that aim. With our years of experience, we’ve developed a time-tested approach to audit representation, combining expert defense with careful account oversight. In the process, we’ve earned the respect of our peers and the praise of our clients, achieving an impeccable record of success across countless cases.

With our shrewd negotiating ability and calculated audit strategies at hand, you can rest easy knowing you have a professional ready to fight on your behalf. With our skill and ability, you stand the best chance at success in your case.

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Get the peace of mind you deserve. We are happy to set up a free no-obligation confidential consultation at your convenience. We are always available to answer any questions you may have or to provide more information on how our tax audit services can help you.

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