State and Local Taxation in Paramus

State and local taxes are continually changing nationwide. It’s essential to have someone who is on top of these changes assist you with your personal and business tax needs.

Luckily, the tax specialists at Howard Komendant CPA PC are very knowledgeable and current in state and local taxation. Contact us now at (973) 471-1919 to set up an appointment.

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State and Local Tax Deduction Accountants at Howard Komendant CPA PC

Make sure that you are tax compliant, tax licensed, and punctual with our SALT accountants. Local fees can be notably different from those in a neighboring state. Investing in an accountant trained explicitly in local and state laws is crucial to ensuring your taxes are filed according to new tax structures.

Tax Obligation and Tax Requirements

Individuals and businesses have an obligation to pay taxes. Not doing so correctly can result in some severe penalties. Here are a few of the services we offer our clients, so that they may fulfill their tax obligations:

  • Compliance services
  • State tax disputes
  • Local tax disputes
  • Tax preparation services
  • Tax filing services
  • Representation in the incident of an audit
  • Nexus studies
  • Multi-state taxation, compliance, and planning

State Income Tax

Before coming to visit one of our specialists, here are a few documents we recommend that you bring along to your appointment. Feel free to ask one of our team members if you have any questions about what other documents you may need. If you can’t locate them, we can advise you on where to find copies of them.


  • Investments and savings
  • Any income from receiving rent payments
  • Retirement benefits
  • Employment records
  • Unemployment records
  • Government provided benefits

 Personal Information:

  • Your name and the name of your spouse and/or dependents
  • Your birthday
  • Your tax id or social security number and those of your spouse and/or dependents
  • Total income of every adult that you live with


  • Mortgages
  • Childcare and preschool costs
  • Education, tuition, and school supplies
  • Job expenses
  • Travel expenses
  • Donations to charity

State Tax Deductions

Make sure that you are getting the most out of your state tax refund by using our services. Our clients are usually surprised at the return they receive. Our meticulous attention to detail and tax code allows us to properly evaluate your tax claims and get you what you deserve from your taxes. You could be eligible for more than you think.

We have detailed knowledge in not only local tax laws but in other state laws too. We are your go-to company if you live and work in a different state or conduct business in several. Our diverse clientele has enabled us the experience to work with all types of unique tax needs.

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Contact us for your taxation services. Our knowledge in state and local taxation can help you receive more than you thought on your tax returns. Call us now to schedule an appointment—we’ll open a file for you right away.